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Dr. Gary Saito

There is national concern in the medical field about certain very common problems facing Americans. In an attempt to address these conditions, we have prepared some simple information you may find useful and helpful. For more in-depth information, please feel free to call our office. We are available to discuss problems you may have that interfere with a good quality of life. The below items are hyperlinked to PDF documents with information you may find useful.

  1. Cervicogenic Headaches
  2. Cervical Facet Syndrome
  3. Headaches
  4. Foods for Diabetes
  5. Weight Loss
  6. Type Two Diabetes
  7. Blood Sugar Tests
  8. Asthma Overview
  9. Asthma Friendly Classrooms
  10. Sciatica
  11. Lumbar Disc Injury
  12. Lumbar Facet Syndrome
  13. Quit Smoking